How to show blog posts from your Hashnode blog on your personal site?

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Ever wanted to fetch your recent articles from your Hashnode powered blog and display on your portfolio site? You can now do that using Hashnode's GraphQL APIs. 🥳

To play around with our APIs, please visit

Listing your recent posts

Here is the GraphQL query you need to run:

  user(username:"sandeep") {
    publication {
      posts(page:0) {


Simply replace username with your Hashnode username. Here is a simple CodeSandBox demo with code examples:

Showing a particular blog post

To get a single blog post, run the following query:

query {
  post(slug:"how-to-achieve-truly-zero-downtime-deployment-using-pm2", hostname:"") {


Just tweak slug and hostname params to personalize the above query. Here is another CodeSandBox example to help you get started.

We are in the process of documenting our APIs properly, until then please use our GraphQL Playground to explore more.

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This article has been posted at the right time as I was just about to start researching how to do this. Thanks for sharing this useful information!

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I was about to comment the same thing! 😃

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Skay Great minds think alike 😁

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Damn this is amazing! Nice work guys 🥰

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I was waiting for this one

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Thanks for this article! I was just playing around with the Hashnode API the other day. This article is very insightful!

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Wow I was just thinking about how I can do this on my portfolio. Thanks

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Great feature!

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Hi. I like hashnode API and recently I played around it. I'm wondering how to identify the URL of each feeds using API. I could get 'slug' via storiesFeed query, but couldn't find the way to identify 'hostname' which is needed to use 'post' query. Is there any way to get 'hostname' or full URL of each feeds?


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Thanks for sharing 😀

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its really amazing