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#ChooseToChallenge: Removing the subconscious bias!

#ChooseToChallenge: Removing the subconscious bias!

My #ChooseToChallenge pledge for IWD 2021

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In a recent survey conducted by "The Guardian", 9 out of 10 people found to be biased against women. Although we are working hard towards closing the gender gap, this number shows there is still quite a lot of work to be done. To celebrate International Women's Day, I thought of sharing my pledge to help reduce gender bias!

My #ChooseToChallenge pledge

After thinking more about the inherent bias against women, I am fairly convinced that gender equality can be achieved, and bias can be removed by educating our children about it from a very young age. Unfortunately, we live in a male-dominated world. So, many times there is a subconscious bias against women. We don't realize, but our actions depict them. For example:

  • Forming opinions around what women should or shouldn't do.
  • How women should speak, dress or behave
  • Forming opinions around the abilities of women

There are countless more examples, but most of us do these subconsciously, and send a signal that it's OK!

My pledge for IWD 2021 is to try, and educate everyone about this subconscious bias, and encourage parents to teach their kids to act on it!

Together we can remove gender bias, make the world a better, and safer place for women.

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